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Learn Art YOUR Way Right From Home via Zoom!

What do YOU want to learn in art? Drawing, watercolor, portraits, creativity, perspective, paper cutting, composition? I got ya covered and these are just a few options!  I'd love to teach you the joys of art!

Benefits of Zoom Lessons

  • Students and teacher can all see each other on computer or phone screen

  • I will have two screens, one of me, one overhead for demonstrations

  • Screen sharing so I can give image presentations of many visual concepts and examples

  • Lessons can be recorded and emailed out after

  • Ask real time questions and get immediate feedback on what you're drawing

*Limited slots available for all lessons.  Email me to ask about availability.

Private Lessons


  • 1 hour

  • One-on-one with me!

  • These can be weekly, bi-monthly, or at your request.

  • $75 per lesson, or 5 lessons for $325

Semi-Private Lessons



  • 1.5 hours, weekly

  • Class size is limited to 4-5 students so everyone gets tons of individual attention, and lessons are built for every individual.  Each student can have a different focus. You would be joining in with other students you (probably) don't know yet!

  • Day/Time TBD, let me know your availability 

  • $110 per month


Family Lessons




  • 1.5 hours

  • Gather your friends, your kids, or your parents and all create art together!    Your friends/family can be in the same home or in many different homes all on Zoom.

  • These can be weekly, bi-monthly, or at your request.

  • 3-5 people = $110 per class, or 5 lessons for $500

  • 6-12 people = $135 per class, or 5 lessons for $600.

Sketchbooking Lesson: PLAY!

FREE online lesson!

In this free video lesson aimed at sparking your creativity you will learn:

  • Why play is so important to learning and creativity

  • What NOT to do when approaching a sketchbook page

  • What TO do when approaching a sketchbook page

  • How to not let expectations inhibit your creativity


You’ll also do 3 quick exercises to practice these concepts, guaranteed to be fun and get your out of your comfort zone.

The Joy of Sketchbooking

The Ultimate Kickstart to Inspire Your Creativity

If you want to truly enjoy making art, be able to think creatively, and give your mental health a super-boost, this course is for you!  Sketchbooks are a pressure-free zone that create a total playground for your imagination and experimentation. Find your artistic voice, increase your skills, and vastly increase your mental health all within the pages of these magical books.  Learn to LOVE creating art so much you may not want to ever stop!

Secrets to Drawing Anything You See

4 Tips to Kickstart Your Drawing Journey

FREE online mini-course!

In this free lesson you will learn:

  • why you've struggled to draw before

  • what the mindset for drawing is like

  • my mantra for drawing

  • 4 main tips perfect for any beginner (and many intermediates) for approaching drawing


You will create your own drawings in two exercises

Draw What You See

Online drawing course

Learn to draw literally anything in front of you, and truly enjoy the process. I'll dispel mental blocks and help you build right brain skills so you can draw with confidence!  My approach to drawing is a process that is truly enjoyable- with vast benefits both on and beyond the paper. Spending time drawing is a form of creative therapy that our souls crave. 

This course consists of:

  • 10+ video lessons

  • Downloadable materials and references

  • Demos 

  • 19 exercises so you truly grasp the concepts

  • A community of learning- share your drawings

  • Personalized interaction with me

  • A LIFETIME access to it all!

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Art Knowledge From My Brain To Yours

Playful Watercolor . Drawing Basics . Portrait Drawing . Figure Drawing

Sketchbooking . Paper-Cutting . Semi-Private Art Lessons

Sharing my love and knowledge of art, I teach weekly lessons, series classes, and workshops all along the Gulf Coast as well as some online courses.  My classes aim to be both highly enjoyable and enlightening because our brains absorb more when having fun.  That means students leave with more confidence, comprehension, and skills, all while enjoying the process. 


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