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Heather Clements is an artist creating and sharing beauty with meaning.  Her cut paper, drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, and murals represent a symbiotic relationship with nature.  Through her art, she hopes to move others to develop a deeper connection with their own natural surroundings.  That bond encourages stronger mental health and more sustainable practices. Her art is for sale, and often available as fine art giclée prints.  Also an art instructor, Heather encourages anyone with the inclination to create their own art.  Her instruction is both highly educational and enjoyable to promote better mental health through the act of creating.  Her art classes range from figure drawing to watercolor and private lessons.  Heather also creates custom portraits in a variety of media and styles.  A lifelong artist, Heather dedicates her life to art, improving mental health, and the environment.

Asheville, North Carolina       I         Email Me

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