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Tattoo Permission Release

Tattoo Permission Release

Tattoo Policy:
1) If you love my Art please consider to support my work by buying (prior getting the tattoo done) my TATTOO Permission Pack.  The price is $65 + free shipping, which includes the written Permission, a print of the artwork you choose to get tattooed (size depends on artwork, usually 8"x10".) My prints are hand signed by me and would be a great reference piece for the Tattoo Artist and in the end for you to have my art in your home. (If tattoo artist would like a digital file, this can also be arranged.). This is the best way to support my work in a respectable and honest way. The print pack comes with the Tattoo’s Permission that allows you to get my artwork tattooed. This cannot be shared with anyone else for another tattoo, each Permission is personal.


2) Please use a reputable and serious Tattoo Artist and bring my Permission Form with you because a serious tattoo artist will ask for it. Do not alter, transform or manipulate my image in any way without my permission. 


3) When the Tattoo is done if  you share photos on social media please Tag me: @heatherclementsart (same on Instagram and TikTok.  Facebook page is Heather Clements Art.)   I would love to see it and share it, too! Whenever you share images of the tattoo please give me credit as the artist that created the original artwork and credit your tattoo artist too. Please ask your tattoo artist to do the same if photos are shared.


Please leave a comment with your purchase with the title of the art you wish to have tattooed.

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