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Become a Patron of my Art

starting at just $2 a month

By becoming a patron you show support of my art. Patrons are super-fans.  If you love my work and want to be a part of making it happen, become a patron.

Once a patron, you join a little family of people that I am oh so grateful for.  As a part of that family, I will share extra goodies such as sneak peeks, secrets of technique, more in-depth thoughts on the meaning behind my art, and more.

Every gesture of support means the world to me.  In an attempt to thank you, I offer tokens of my heartfelt gratitude through pledge rewards.  So if you want to give me warm and fuzzy feelings for receiving your support, while you get warm and fuzzy feelings for supporting art, join my Patreon family and become a patron of the arts.

Current Patrons

These people rock!

Marc and Melanie Clements

Carol Bailey

Maxwell Miller

Peter Chapin

Caren Albers

Bridgitte Draper

Dave Amos

Ashley Thomas

Rhonda Hoeckley

Denise Reasoner

Melissa Gallaher

Xelle and Betsy Wyble

Donna Jangula

Krista Oneisom

Jamie Chahine

Margaret Webster

Jim and Janet Thoroman

Jason Betz

Viv and Bill Graves

Justin Rodgers

Joshua Hicks

Deborah Scott Mason

Janice Lucas

Sarah Morton

Deborah Bassett


Reward Tiers

$2 per month:


  • Access to my patron-only blogs, mailing list

  • A hand-written Thank-You card featuring printed details of my art sent to you yearly

  • A hand-made holiday card every year

  • A Facebook shout-out and recognition on my website

  • Good karma and my undying gratitude

$5 per month

  • The Essentials, plus:

  • A 5x7 postcard with my art mailed to you every 6 months

$10 per month

  • The Essentials, the postcards, plus:

  • A signed 8x10 print of my art every year 

$25 per month

  • The Essentials, the postcards, plus:

  • A signed 8x10 print of my art every 6 months

  • A signed copy of my book, "We Are Nature" AND I'll make an original drawing inside the book!

$75 per month

This PHENOMENAL level of support gets you

  • The Essentials, the postcards, the 8x10 prints, the book, plus:

  • One small original piece of art every year!

  • 35% off ANY original or print art!! Unlimited.

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