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Stargazers - prints

Stargazers - prints

I'd like to introduce you to "Stargazers," named for the gorgeous local native flower, Stargazer Lily. I have been so excited to start this new series and I feel like I'm falling back in love with figure drawing for the umpteenth time.  The figure was created with powdered graphite and pencil, and I relished in all the details, from subtle moles to finger wrinkles, and from cast shadows to fine hair textures. The flowers were created with colored pencil, with layers and layers of color to bring out their soft textures and vibrancy.  She is an awe of nature and a catalyst for growth.  


"Stargazers" is sure to bring an element of beauty and grace in union with nature into your home.


The original is 18"x24", created in 2021.  Prints are giclée prints - high quality fine art prints that should last years.  It is recommended not to hang in direct sunlight, and will last even longer if framed under UV protected glass.   Each print is hand-numbered, titled, and signed by me!

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