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Gold Leafed Inviting Growth print

Gold Leafed Inviting Growth print

Limited Edition of only 25 with hand embellished genuine 22k gold leaf.  These prints are 11"x14".


She's opening herself up to beauty, to nature, to strength.  The original of this lady was created entirely with watercolor, 18"x24".  The portrait was painted monochromatically- all with one color: cascade green.  It's a magical color because as it dries it granulates and separates into blues and greens.  She has fine details painted in her eyes, lips, and beautifully messy hair.  The mushrooms are painted with multiple colors, as they spring into life right out of her.


Like fungus that springs up in dark places, she represents a woman who has grown stronger and wiser through it all.


She's sure to bring some strength, beauty, and nature into your home.


  • High-quality, long lasting giclée fine art print
  • 11"x14"
  • hand-embellished 22k real gold leaf
  • Limited edition of 25
  • Each print hand numbered, titled, and signed by me
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