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If you enjoy my art and would like to support the creation of it, consider becoming a patron, starting at just $1 a month.  As a part of my Patreon family, I'll share lots of extra things with you about my art, professional life, and process.  Watch the video to learn more, or just head on over to

An Artistry: 

A look at the artist's process, concepts, and studio atmosphere.  


This professional and beautifully shot video explores moments of drawing in my nature-surrounded studio, as I talk about being an artist and creating art that is deeply important to me.  This video was created by Evan Lanier of Theory Y Design.

Artist Talk


2013, Bay County Public Library, for the solo exhibit, "Cut It Out: Paper Cut Art by Heather Clements."  The artist discusses a brief history of the conceptual side of her art, as well as some research and ideas influencing her current work.  Videography by Public Eye Design.

Progress of "Embrace"


2013.  Still photographs showing the process of a drawing/paper cut. All art and photography by Heather Clements, 2013. Music is "Paris" by Yael Naïm.

Progress of "Veil"

Progress of "Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty"

2013.  The artist's first paper cut with drawing incorporated. Here is a selection of the process sped up 20 times. The song is "Lover" by Devendra Banhart.

2012.  See bits of the process of a paper cut. The thinking, drawing, and cutting of this piece took a total of 12 hours. The song is "Playing With Pink Noise" by Kaki King.

See more videos on my YouTube Channel.

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