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Patreon! Become a Patron of my Art

Watch the video to learn about how you can become a patron of art, starting at just $1 a month! Not only do you get to bask in the warm fuzzies of supporting art, but you also get an increased relationship with me and my art. Once a patron, you get to see stuff I'll only share with patrons. Because you become extra special. With support from you, and him, and her, and that guy, and some other awesome folks willing to pitch in a little bit each month, I can feel confident that a little part of this world wants me to keep making art. I can feel like my struggle has purpose, like my art has a voice that is heard. I can make a comfortable living so that I don’t have to worry about every penny I make, and I can concentrate on making the best art I can for a long time coming. The purpose of my Patreon page:

  • To share my art and all its messages with you

  • To give any interested folks an easy way to support that art in an ongoing low-impact way

  • To set up a framework of ways to express my gratitude towards patrons of my art

  • To have a platform for interaction and connection with patrons

Once a patron, you join a little family of people that I am oh so grateful for. As a part of that family, I will share extra goodies such as sneak peeks, secrets of technique, sketches, more in-depth raw thoughts on the meaning behind my art, and more. Every gesture of support means the world to me. In an attempt to thank you, I offer tokens of my heartfelt gratitude through pledge rewards. So if you want to give me warm and fuzzy feelings for receiving your support, while you get warm and fuzzy feelings for supporting art, join my Patreon family and become a patron of the arts.

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