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Green Love 2 - print

Green Love 2 - print

She was born out of a hurricane.


Hurricane Michael was a category 5 storm that destroyed much of what we knew as home in Panama City, Florida.  Almost 3 years later and many of the buildings damaged are either mostly fixed or demolished.  But the most irreplacable loss was the trees.  Our whole area lost upwards of 90% of our trees, and 95% of our tree canopy.  Many of those were hundreds of years old sprawling oaks with dangling spanish moss.  I had such a connection to those trees so I felt that loss deeply.  But what can one do when life throws such destruction and dark times?  We try to find hope, move forward, appreciate the little things, and focus on what's beautiful.


This series is dedicated to those trees, and to the connection I had with them.  It's dedicated to the new growth I have seen since then- in our buildings, in our hearts, and in nature.


The original is in watercolor painted with just one color, Cascade Green.  It's one of my absolute favorites because of how the color seperates into greens and blues as it dries and granulates.  The painting is mounted on a slice of wood from a fallen tree from the hurricane.


She's sure to bring some strength, beauty, and nature into your home.



Prints are giclée prints - high quality fine art prints that if displayed well can last for many years (out of direct sunlight and/or under UV protected glass.)  Each print is hand-numbered, titled, and signed by me!

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