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Ginkgo I - prints

Ginkgo I - prints

I'd like to introduce you to "Ginkgo I" I have been so excited to start this new series and I feel like I'm falling back in love with figure drawing for the umpteenth time.  This one represent an awe of nature and a catalyst for growth.  She features the graceful and meaningful gingko leaf, subtly emerging from her spine as she embraces it with her hands, represented with loving detail.  The original is 18"x24" created with pencil, powdered graphite (pencil dust,) and colored pencil, in 2021.  When I go pencil, I go detail, so this figure is sure to feel real.  "Gingkgo I" is sure to bring some grace, beauty, and nature connection into your home.


Prints are giclée prints - high quality fine art prints on a rich luster paper.  Each print is hand-numbered, titled, and signed by the artist.

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