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Essential Growth - Mural Prints

Essential Growth - Mural Prints

This lady is pretty special to me, and marks a huge milestone in my career as an artist.  She's my first outdoor mural and right at the entrance of my Downtown of Panama City, Florida.  The concept was borne out of the pandemic. It began as a tribute to healthcare workers. The leaves represent a mask, but also new growth and hope. Her hair is messy from tireless hours of saving lives, but her eyes look up in hope. She has come to represent the strength and growth we've all needed to adopt throughout this challenging year.


Painting her was an amazing experience.  After a year of total isolation from the pandemic, I got outside, up on a lift, and created something live and in public.  I thought people walking by and wanting to talk to me about the mural might be distracting or even annoying, but I found I thoroughly enjoyed every interaction.  The response was so overwhelmingly positive and people were beyond excited to have unique art on such a prominant wall in our city.  I truly felt like I was creating something for our community.  She isn't my mural, she's OUR mural.


Even her title came from the public as I asked on social media for help giving her a name.  After over 100 great suggestions, I picked "Essential Growth" beacuse it's short, pretty, and for the double-meaning of essential, and the double-meaning of growth.  


So to allow people to bring the mural into their own homes, I just had to make prints available!  This print is sure to bring light and hopefullness in a beautiful way into your home.  When you look at her you can be inspired by her strength and resiliance, and know that she lovingly watches over so many others on a 2-story building, too.



Prints are giclée prints - high quality fine art prints that if displayed well can last for many years (out of direct sunlight and/or under UV protected glass.)  Each print is hand-numbered, titled, and signed by me!

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