Composition in Art - 4 week Zoom series

Composition in Art - 4 week Zoom series

Composition in Art - 4 week series via Zoom

Learn how to bring your art to the next level with a compelling composition!


Have you heard people talk about composition but feel a bit lost about the whole concept?  Do you want simple tips to quickly and vastly improve your art?  This series dives into the elements of composition so that you'll fully understand how to plan out works to be more engaging and aesthetically pleasing!  We'll learn how to create balance, movement, and rhythm in a piece.  I'll teach you ways to create emphasis and unity and demistify concepts like the rule of thirds.  After this series you'll be able to take the same elements of your art and simply arrange them using these principles to instantly create a much stronger work.  


And the beauty of learning composition?  It can be used for any 2D medium: drawing, painting, photography, digital work, printmaking, and more!


4 week series

May 12 - June 2

Wednesdays, 5-7pm


Space is limited, sign up soon!


Zoom class perks:

-Students and teacher can all see eachother

-I will have two screens, one of me, one overhead for demos

-Screen sharing for image presentations

-Lessons can be recorded and emailed out after

-Ask real time questions and get immediate feedback on what you're drawing


  • Cancellation Policy

    Series may be cancelled or postponed if minimum number of students is not met, or for other unforseen circumstances.  In the event of a cancellation, students will be refunded the full amount.  If the series is postponed, students can choose to count their payment as a reservation for the new dates, or receive a full refund.

    Be sure to provide email and phone number, and students will be notified as soon as possible to any changes to the schedule.


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